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The Dangers of Fracking: Oil Spill Issues Lead to Asthma

Fracking is a process that will produce oil and gas and this is considerably increase production rate in the US. The whole procedure may sound great with oil and gas production but it is also endangering the environment and the people.

You need to know that toxic chemical spills are becoming a normal thing in the US right now and the risks are increasing. In the US alone, about 16% of all the fracking oil spills are harmful chemicals says scientists investigating on the issue.

In the US, there were about 6,650 chemical and oil spills in four states alone during the end of 2014.

With chemical spills, the environment will have a lot of issues that will destroy its whole condition and making it into a wasteland. With fracking being uncontrollable, the risk of asthma issues will increase as it is linked to this kind of negative public health outcomes, if you are interested in knowing more about the issue, make sure you read the posted article below.

Make sure that you take in the knowledge you get from this article as it will discuss what exactly is fracking and why it causes chemical spills.

Due to fracking, a lot of chemical spill ups have caused a lot of problems in the US. It is also essential for you to know what the complete procedure of fracking.

Fracking is also known to be using the process known to be hydraulic fracturing.

You need to know that the entire fracking process will include the mixture of chemical additives that will be mi together with water and that liquid mixture will be inserted to the production well. The mixture will be the thing they need to get the trapped resources inside the well by cracking the bedrock.

You have to know that the wastewater or the mixture used will then be used again or disposed by the company after the whole procedure. You need to know that there are a lot of ways that chemical spills can happen and that is not something you should be proud of right now, this has been confirmed by the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency.

The issue is that some production well has inadequate mechanical usage that will cause the issue. The injection procedure is mostly the cause of spill ups in this kind of procedure. This could pretty much fall into a world wide problem and this is why you should do your part and make the people aware of chemical spill ups and how it can damage the environment and will also link you to asthma.

You need to know that removing chemicals will have to be done by toxic chemical spill cleanup, you also have to know that you need to protect yourself from the dangerous chemicals with wearing the right equipment.