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Business Messaging: How it Affects Business Growth

At the present, there are numerous changes that are happening in almost all the industries in order to accommodate contemporary technology via mobile devices. When professionals researched about the future of mobile marketing and applications, they came up with findings that showed that it will soon outdo internet marketing by a huge margin. More detailed research demonstrated that a large population across the world of about 5 billion individuals own personal mobile phones, and only about 45 percent have acquired smart ones. Consequently, companies using mobile marketing in the form of messaging have the potential to reach a larger population since it is not limited to ones who own mobile phones alone.

The most obvious advantage of SMS messaging is cost-effectiveness. You will also not that it is perfect for business use due to instant deliverability. Different from other methods of message transmission, SMS is lightning fast and all your subscribers will get your message a few seconds after you send. However, a business that wishes to use it as its communication tool must ensure that it has a large list of clients or telephone numbers to message.

There is a lot of flexibility associated with business SMS marketing. For example, a business can prepare personalized messages to every customer, or they can create unique message to different groups of customers who have been sorted with their mobile phone numbers. When businesses communicate about new offers to clients via SMS, they are guaranteed of increased sales since 90 percent of the messaged clients will read the message, but you can never be sure who will act upon a television or internet advert.

Today, people open SMS messages at a higher rate compared to emails. People who ignore new messages on their phones are very few compared to ones who read all messages they receive. That said, there is a higher conversion rate with SMS marketing. In a point of fact, different surveys are conducted by businesses and other companies via SMS, and they get feedback from over half of the messaged list.

A look into how people generally react to information passed by companies or businesses via different platforms shows a certain pattern or reaction. Generally, people do not pay attention to long adverts, and they usually skim through any information that is communicated in so many words. With SMS platforms, businesses get limited length of characters to use, and this is beneficial since they have to compose clear and short messages that will interest the clients. That said, businesses that are goal oriented should note that SMS is an extremely powerful tool that has been tested and proven to be ideal for communicating with customers.

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