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Auto Detailing of Motor Vehicles Car washing is not as specified as auto detailing of vehicles. Thorough cleaning of the car is done on the inside, the engine and the body. The process requires extra skills and instruments to make it a success. Time is consumed by this process. Garages for this process have been put up all over, and they only serve the purpose. Every type of vehicle can be subjected to this cleanup process. Regulations for detailing should be adhered to for better work and also avoid causing any mechanical or electrical problem to the vehicle. Vehicles are often cleaned when they are for sale. Clean vehicles are more commercial than dirty cars. Exterior car detailing deals with cleaning of the exterior of a vehicle. Detailed cleaning is done on the body to remove all kinds of stains. Strong soaps used in the elimination of stains and dirt. Special brushes are used and wheel cleaning products to clean the wheels and the brakes. Some specialized cloth for cleaning the paintwork in the exterior of a vehicle are applied. Clay blocks are used in removing the stubborn stains in the claying process.
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Sometimes paint polishing is carried out. This is the best remedy for scratched vehicle bodies. Polishing also reduces oxidation and swirl marks on the body of the car. This consumes time depending on the condition of the paintwork of the car. Its important that waxing is done to make the car look shiny and attractive to the owner. All the parts of the surface should be detailed to give the vehicle le a clean look.
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Interior car detailing deals with the interior of a vehicle. When washing the car, usually, some parts are not tampered with depending on their nature and also where they are situated. Other parts could have cloth covering and therefore cleaning with water becomes a difficult task. In detailing process vacuuming is used. The inside is shampooed to make sure all dirt and stains are removed from the car interiors. Glasses in the inside are cleaned well, and polished. Engine bay cleaning is only done where the owner requests for it to be done since it’s not a must. Its easier to locate a possible breakdown of the engine when its clean. Mechanics also love working on clean engines which does not stain their clothes while doing their job. Cars for reselling go for detailing which is very important in value addition. Detailing a car makes it market-friendly and can be sold at ease. Detailing is a way of protecting the car thus giving it long life. The attention paid to the car makes it possible for the owner or the mechanic to detect potential breakdowns and fix them.