Make Every Occasion Extra Special

Whether you’re celebrating the holidays, a birthday, an engagement, or anything else, you can easily find the perfect gift without breaking the bank. These days it seems that gift giving has lost it’s meaning. It’s no longer a way to show someone that you’re thinking of them, and you care. Now, it seems that too many strive to find the most extravagant gift they can find. In reality, gifts that come from the heart mean so much more. It’s the gift that you put thought into that they remember. The gift that is uniquely them, is the one that stands out in their mind. When you want to find a gift that speaks to the heart and soul, turn to Shutterfly. Below, you’ll find some gift ideas that are inexpensive, but have a huge impact.

Photo Throws

A family with young children would love to receive one of these amazing gifts. Choose photos of the entire family, or pictures of just the kids. This is also a perfect gift for Mother’s day, Father’s Day, or something for the newly engaged couple. Be warned, these often bring tears of joy to the eyes of the recipient

Puzzles or playing cards

Kids will love getting a puzzle with their very own face on it. Playing cards with a family photo are also lots of fun. Imagine their excitement when they take their puzzle or cards out to play with friends. They’ll feel special, and rightfully so, because they are.


Do you know someone who loves to cook? An apron with their photo, or the photo of a loved one, will bring a smile to their face every time they put it on.

Photo books

Commemorate special occasions, or every day life with a photo book. You’re able to choose the backgrounds, number of pages, pictures, and sentiments to make it truly personal.

The above are just a few ideas to get you started. There are many more gifts that you can choose from, and each one will stand out because it took thought, creativity, and it came from the heart. These are gifts that will be treasured year after year.